Sly Stone

Sly Stone is Legacy Artist of the Month

Sly Stone is 70.

Now you feel old.

Sylvester Stewart, the heart of Sly and The Family Stone, had a groove for everyone over a decade of crossover success when the band fused every music of the day from rock to funk to pop to soul to maybe drawing the line at Creole. Over a period of just several years, everything the Sly and the Family Stone released topped Billboard’s Hot 100 chart.

You know the tracks, “Everyday People”, “Family Affair”, “Thank You” are just a handful. A pioneer at home on a stage with Jimmy Page or George Clinton, Sly had something to say about society and usually locked it within a groove that won over everyone.

On Sly’s 70th birthday, we got two fun pieces of news. We already knew that Legacy Recordings had made Sly their third “Artist of the Month” following Janis and Nina Simone.  Today we learned that there will be a new multi CD box set released later this year to honor the Grammy and Rock Roll Hall of Fame winner.

We also heard about a contest you can enter to design a funky Sly and the Family Stone poster and scoop up $500.   The poster contest details are online now, and you’ve got until April 11 at midnight Pacific Time to “create a fun design influenced by the…song titles that span the band’s legendary career.”

I’m not an artist, but I’m guess the entries will be colorful.

Happy 70th birthday, Sly.   Thank you for making so much music possible.



Sly Stone photo courtesy Legacy Recordings