Pop Rock Nation has been publishing music news and reviews for a very long time by Internet standards. We’ve had a couple of costume changes and like a certain Midwest guitar god who partied like it was 1999, we’ve even changed our name before. Okay, twice. Make that three times. Uh, this may be the fourth.

We have a lot of Grammy Award history, most of it as bitter as only refugees from a Nick Hornby novel can sound. It’s not that we hate the Grammys. It’s just that, well, we’ve been dishing out live Grammy blog snark along with LL Cool J for years and pulled it all together on one page so you can read our pithy observations and praise us for being so forward thinking. Money Mike Himself wrote in 2008,

If you want to bring this show into the 21st century and resonate with music listeners today, it might be time to stop making this show a back-slapping fest for record executives and older artists (especially in light of slumping music sales), and figure out some way to get the voting and nominating committees a little more in step with the times.

Then he titled the entire piece, “Really?!? Herbie Hancock?!?!” That all goes to show you that if Mike ever raises a child, Herbie Hancock won’t play the Bar Mitzvah.

We still live us some Grammys. There are times when Herbie’s Joni Mitchell Valentine beats Kanye and Amy Winehouse that we’re not quite sure what’s going on. That’s why we rely on Sam Hanna’s alter ego to tell us what’s really going on in LA.

Grammy Award History Countdown

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2008: Really?!? Herbie Hancock?!! – Money Mike