brian-block-200Brian Block

Tutor, parent, cat-feeder, and voice-actor Brian Block listens to too much music and glides through life mostly on the strength of his good looks. If he can see farther than others, it is only by standing on the shoulders of giants, an environmentally sound form of public transportation.

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 jenny-crossen-200Jenny Crossen

A self-proclaimed music nerd, Jenny has loved music since she crawled out of her mother’s womb. Blessed with a musical family and influenced by their diverse musical tastes, Jenny grew up loving all kinds of music, from classical to rock to bluegrass.

Jenny is also a singer, having studied voice off and on since she was 18 years old. She loves reading and writing and married that love with her love of music by writing music reviews on and her own music blog, Dungeon Of The Past. You can also hear her sing on or YouTube.

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Garrett GonzalesGarrett Gonzales

Journalist and online community maven Garrett Gonzales has more than a decade of experience at successful startups and is one of the more prolific writers you’ll run across on the web.

San Jose State grad Gonzales is PRN’s go-to guy for what’s trending in Silicon Valley and is a keen singing competition observer. Garrett isn’t a fanboy, but knows the scoop well enough to pick the top 12 after Hollywood Week or the top 5 after the top 12 are picked. He even remembers canceled shows. We credit those journalist’s senses. Check out Garrett’s real passion at Fight Game Blog.

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Silver Beacon Marketing



When she isn’t reading, watching TV and movies, having a love/hate relationship with her two cats, drinking martinis with her husband or over-mothering her now nearly grown children, Sue is the Editorial Manager at Silver Beacon Marketing.

She oversees Readers Lane, and Movie Rewind and nags her boss about his schedule. She feels that this is an ideal use of her skill sets.



 george-bounacos-200George Bounacos

When George isn’t working at Silver Beacon, he is a dad to three and husband to one great and tolerant wife. After starting his collegiate career as a music major, George wisely ended up with a business degree although he remains a music, book and tech geek with overtones of nerd creeping in. George plays piano and guitar, but insists a court order forbids him from singing in public.

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