So you think you can judge singing talent?

So do we. But we’re putting our gift certificates where our mouth is.

Join SonicClash’s Spring Singing Contest.  You get points every week you play!

  1. Each week, log in *BEFORE* the results show.
  2. Choose the bottom two singers.
  3. Choose the singer who gets sent home.

You get 1 point for each Bottom Two singer you correctly pick and a 2 point bonus for choosing who goes home.

But there’s more:

In the first week that you enter the contest, you pick the Top Three Finalists and The Winner.   You get SIX points for each of the Top 3 and another SIX points for picking the winner.  If you join the contest with 10 singers, those numbers go down to 5 points each.  If you join with 8 singers (the last time you can join the second part of the contest), each correct answer is worth 4 points.

Enter every week — you could score more than 40 points just by picking the Bottom Two!

The grand prizer winner gets a $25 Amazon gift certificate and bragging rights on SonicClash for months

To enter, go to the Sonic Spring Singing Contest page now!