David Cook at the American Idol Tour in 2008

This has been a very newsworthy season for American Idol and we’ve just started.

– Paula left and Ellen joined.

– Simon made it official that he’s leaving at the end of this year and starting X-Factor in the US.

– And unbelievably, Janell Wheeler was eliminated after wearing the greatest pants a woman has ever worn.

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Ok, you’re back.

Last night, the show was much better than I expected it to be. There were very few truly wretched performances and there were even a couple standout performances too.

Now, on to the elimination show.

David Cook opens with a performance of Jumpin’ Jack Flash which is most newsworthy for the pimp suit he’s rocking, but the dude also shows off some great energy.

Ryno brings up Paige and she’s in the bottom three. Even the laryngitis story didn’t save her. People are mean.

He tells Lee that he’s safe.

Siobhan, who will be known here from now on as creepy girl because she literally scares me, is up next and Ryno tells her that she’s safe as well. If she’s so safe, how come I need to double check that I locked the door when I see her on screen?

Little Aaron Kelly is up next and little Aaron Kelly is safe.

Ryno tells Andrew and Tim, who were two of the worst guys last night, to stand up. Kara says she’s not surprised that either guy could be in the bottom three. It’s not Andrew. It’s Timothy.

Orianthi, who is most famous for being one of Michael Jackson’s guitarists on the This Is It tour that ended before it started when he passed, is performing her new single According To You. It’s very much on the Kelly Clarkson tip.

We’ll see how long this stays up on YouTube, but here’s her performance:

Ryno tells Didi that she’s safe before doing the same with Crystal.

After getting inconsistent advice from the judges on what her best lane is, Katie is safe.

Big Mike is safe.

Casey and Lacey are up next. Lacey’s my pick to go home. We’ll see what happens. Lacey is in the bottom three and Casey is safe.

Your bottom three are Lacey Brown, Paige Miles, and Timothy Urban.

My pick is still Lacey. Paige absolutely doesn’t deserve to be there. Not this early.

Ryan says Tim is safe and sends him back with the rest of the crew. It’s down to Paige and Lacey.

Ke$ha, who’s kind of like a low rent Lady Gaga, is performing before the elimination and I’d add the video here, but it’s not really worth it. Two dudes called 303 dropped a few bars each in the middle and I’m just in awe. I get Ke$ha somewhat. She’ll be gone in two years. But 303 look like two guys who should be drugged out characters in an independent college film.

And now it’s time. The first person eliminated from this season’s American Idol is Lacey Brown. Well, I nailed that one.

The judges still have the opportunity to use the save on her, but I think there might be better odds on East Tennessee State upsetting Kentucky tomorrow than on the judges saving Miss Lacey here.

Will Young’s elimination song tells Lacey to Leave Right Now.