I like Christina Aguilera. She (and my girl Pink) have proven to be the leaders of the pack when it comes to the 5 million teenage female artists that came out in the mid-late Nineties. She’s got a set of balls on her, this girl. Almost big enough to match her set of pipes.

But something about Keeps Gettin’ Better, the song and the video, leaves me kind of lukewarm. While the song’s techno-ish soundscape is appealing, it also sounds a hell of a lot like Britney Spears’ Womanizer (yes, I know Christina came out first, but I’m saying). It also kind of sounds like she’s phoning it in, like this is one of her warm-up songs. It doesn’t have the passion (or even the showoffiness) that her best work has.

I’ll admit the chorus gives me the giggles. The video should have been Christina flying through the sky in a red and blue costume with a cape, as “SuperBitch”. C’mon girl. Let us know you can poke fun at yourself, eh?

Let us know what you think of the video.