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Simon Cowell Is A Single Man
Thanks to E! Online for the story on Simon Cowell’s break-up with Terri Seymour. And before all the silly rumors start about Simon and Paula now being able to love each other, I think Simon starts dating anything that moves. Let’s face it, the guy is one of the more recognizable faces on television.

Britney’s People Release The Track List For Her New Album says that Britney’s next single is going to be Circus which is also the title of her album. I can’t wait to hear If You Seek Amy and Mmm Papi. Not really, but at least those titles are interesting.

I have an update on two stories that I posted last week.

Q says 112 is still together and it was news to him.

We have been doing shows over the last year; as recent as last weekend!

And finally, as I expected, Michael says no!. I have some advice for Jermaine. The next time you talk about the Jacksons getting back together, please talk to Mike first. He loves you, but he’s trying to do him.