Paula Abdul at charity event in 2005

Paula Abdul at charity event in 2005

We can stop dissin’ on the former Laker girl who showed Janet some moves and then became a caricature often portrayed as a blowsy has-been while judging American Idol.

Paula Abdul finally admitted she was addicted to pain medication, telling Ladies Home Journal of all publications, that a series of accidents were the cause of her originally seeking treatment.  Abdul, who reeled off six #1 hits in the 1980s, married actor Emilio Estevez and appeared on the path to long-term stardom.  But a series of accidents — not just a car accident, but even a light plane crash –  and lawsuits regarding her music and performances left her taking a combination of alternative medicines, painkillers and muscle relaxants.

With a new release and the potential for a shakeup among Idol judges in next year’s 9th season, jaded music nerds justifiably may question the timing of Abdul’s revelations, but all should support her step forward.

American Idol is due to cut a contestant tonight, setting up a battle of the final three.  SonicClash’s Double G covered Abdul’s latest music release here earlier this week.   Abdul has appeared more lucid in appearances this season and has not committed a faux pas equivalent to previous years when she once commented on a contestant who had not yet performed the song.

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