lionelYou’ve got to give Lionel Richie some credit. The singer-who turns 60 this year-has kept himself relevant for nearly forty years and doesn’t get the props that most other singers with his resume would. Then again, I think of things like the “Hello” video, getting his ass kicked by his (now-ex) wife after she found him with another chick, and dancing on the fucking ceiling and I realize why some people aren’t willing to give up the propers yet.

Nevertheless, you’ve gotta give Lionel his dap for sticking around. His last album was contemporary without sounding awkward and he was rewarded with his first Gold album in the U.S. in well over a decade. When I heard that Lionel was recording with Akon, I immediately assumed the worst, but the first fruit of their collaboration, “Just Go”, is a pretty pleasant (if unsubstantial…insubstantial?) track. Coming off like a cross between Lionel’s own “All Night Long” and Jason Mraz’s recent hit “I’m Yours”, this song makes me think of white sandy beaches and strong drinks in bright colors. And anyone who can make Akon tolerable (a list that includes Gwen Stefani, india.arie and Whitney Houston) gets an extra star in my book.

Check out the video, try not to imitate the lame choreography, and tell us what you think.

By the way, the kid in the video is Evan Ross, whose mother, Diana, scored her last Top 10 hit in 1985 with “Missing You”, a song that Lionel wrote and produced.

I can’t post something about Lionel without going old-school, so here’s a bonus treat for you: