Obviously I can’t have a record buying bonanza every week, otherwise I’d go broke. Definitely not a good look in today’s economy. So, this week will mark something of a vacation for me, with only one release that I’m nutso about. Here’s this week’s lineup of releases.

Mike Skinner AKA The Streets. Photo by "realname".

The Streets “Everything is Borrowed”:
Folks on these shores (most of ’em) don’t get Mike Skinner or his style of music. Considering I didn’t think Amy Winehouse would cross over, I think Skinner is long overdue for some American love. “Everything is Borrowed” is his fourth, and reportedly the last album he is releasing under the Streets moniker. Expect more personal raps spiced with enough British slang that you might have to IM your best friend from London to ask “what the hell is he talking about here?”

Sarah McLachlan “Closer: The Best of Sarah McLachlan”:
Sarah McLachlan is essentially just a more hardcore version of Enya-and I assure you that this may be the only time anyone ever uses the terms “Sarah McLachlan” and “hardcore” in the same sentence. This greatest hits collection contains songs from each of her four studio albums, plus 2 new songs and I’m sure it’ll contain the odious “I Will Remember You”, a song that makes me want to light fire to small animals. I haven’t heard the first single, “U Want Me 2” yet, but it sounds from the title like Sarah’s bringing sexy back. Might be worth checking out if that turns out to be the case.

Oasis “Dig Out Your Soul”:
My question to you, dear music listener. Why should anyone give a flying fuck about anything Oasis puts out when they’ve been making the EXACT SAME record for the past fifteen years? “(What’s the Story) Morning Glory” is a classic, I’ll grant you that, but they’ve not come up with anything remotely new in terms of ideas since. This album may turn out to be one of their better sellers, considering guitarist Noel Gallagher has been in the news quite a bit this year. First, ripping Jay-Z (and by extension, rap music) for performing at the Glastonbury festival, and then for getting his clock cleaned while on stage. You can check this out if you want. I’ll be sitting in the corner quietly, listening to my copy of “Revolver”.

Bob Dylan “Tell Tale Signs…The Bootleg Series Vol. 8: Rare & Unreleased 1989-2006”:
These bootleg series CDs are kind of a big deal among Dylan fans, and the word is that the unreleased material is of the same high quality that Dylan’s last three or four albums have been. Me, I love Bob Dylan as long as someone else is singing his songs. While I certainly agree that he is an almost peerless songwriter, with the exception of a couple of songs (all among his most popular: “Like a Rolling Stone”, “Lay Lady Lay”, “Forever Young”, etc.) I can’t stand to hear the man sing. Sorry guys.

Michelle Williams “Unexpected”:
No, the “Dawson’s Creek” alum has not decided to make a record. This is the third solo offering from the former Destiny’s Child vocalist. After two moderately successful gospel releases, Williams is going for a dance/pop audience on this release, and considering the frightening lack of buzz for this album, maybe Auntie Michelle should rethink her crossover plans. The only way this album sells is if Beyonce’s new album is included as a bonus disc.

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But wait…there’s more!

Chrissie Hynde and her Pretenders return after an extended absence with “Break Up the Concrete”, while piano playing chick Rachael Yamagata emerges from a label switch with the very Fiona Apple-type album-titled “A Record in Two Parts: Elephants & Teeth Sinking Into Heart”. Our buddy Mikey Hersh is probably pissing and shitting himself in anticipation for Tesla‘s “Forever More”, while the holiday album onslaught continues with a new one from George Strait, who I’m pretty sure has released 2 or 3 Christmas albums already, a holiday offering from Elliott Yamin, and the typical entry from your favorites and mine, Manheim Steamroller.

On the reissue tip, you might want to check out Tim McGraw‘s THIRD greatest hits compilation (do I have no concept of time or did the last one only come out, like, two years ago?), as well as The Clash‘s “Live from Shea Stadium”, culled from their 1982 performance at the baseball stadium, a year when I’m pretty sure Joe Strummer and the boys were the most exciting thing to happen at Shea. There’s also a slew of Black Sabbath reissues, the re-release of a couple of Christopher Cross‘s post-“Sailing” albums, and a new “Fan Pack” release from country titans Big & Rich.

As always, happy shopping.