I attended the Jay-Z concert at the HP Pavilion on March 24th in San Jose and though it was a bit rough early on, I’d have to give the show a solid thumbs up.

Because I was coaching my sons’ little league baseball team earlier that evening, I figured that showing up late to the concert wasn’t going to be an issue. I didn’t need to see Trey Songz perform anyways. He performs for the ladies. If I wanted to see a sweaty dude take his shirt off, I’d watch UFC. Wait.

I’d also heard that Young Jeezy was going to follow Trey and if I were to say that I was a huge Young Jeezy fan, I’d be lying to all of you. I couldn’t name one Jeezy song.

Jay-Z Runs San Jose

But I’m a big Jay-Z fan. I was there to see Jigga and it didn’t matter who else was going to be there.

I got there in the middle of Trey Songz’s set and after he performed, there was a short intermission and we (I was with my cousin Tomiko and my friend Christal) went to get some beverages and to use the restroom. The bar was packed and it took forever to get served, but I wasn’t all that bothered. The less I saw of Young Jeezy, the better I would be.

But then I heard a familiar sound from the bar. It was as the sound of Auto-tune dying. I hoped it was just the CD track of Jay-Z’s D.O.A. playing over the loud speakers, but I wasn’t too sure and peaked my head out towards the stage. It was Jay, and he was already flowing. We hurried back to our seats. Where was Young Jeezy?

After only what seemed like a few minutes, but was probably closer to a half hour, Jay-Z handed the mic to Young Jeezy. Young Jeezy was Jay-Z’s half-time show. And that’s when I got on my Blackberry to pass the time.

I haven’t been about to find any reason as to why Jeezy didn’t do his set before Jay. Maybe they didn’t think the Bay Area was feeling Jeezy and would’ve been antsy waiting for Jay? Was Jeezy late? Did he oversleep? Whatever it was, I wasn’t happy with the half-time act and couldn’t wait for Jay to get back on stage.

When Jay came back on, he went through many hits and songs from his latest album The Blueprint 3, backed by his Roc Boys band. And after about another half hour, he finished Thank You and acted like the show was over. But then he decided to go into what he dubbed OT (overtime).

OT was designed for the older Jay-Z fans. In fact, he mentioned that OT was going to be all older songs and for the newer fans who are now Jay-Z fans because of his latest album, they might’ve wanted to check out so they could beat traffic, unless they wanted to learn.

OT was exactly what he described it would be. He performed verses from songs like Money Ain’t A Thing, Ain’t No *****, and even a less than popular Jay-Z song from his second album, Where I’m From, which is also the song Diddy jacked for Angels. After that, he was about to dip into one of my favorite Jay songs, Dead Presidents, but then he stopped and said it was going too far back.

For most of the older tracks, he just did the memorable verses that the fans would know and would move on (to the next one). He ended the show with Encore before doing some interactive stuff with the fans, including the Roc Wave.

Jay-Z is not what you’d call a standout live performer. But he’s as cool as they come and had the crowd in his hands. He even shouted out Bay Area favorite Too Short as a Too Short song played behind him.

He didn’t have a Bay Area State Of Mind, but he didn’t need to. The crowd loved him.