The Sonic Spring Singing Contest is going great so far!

MT is leading the pack so far with 4 points!

But you can catch her.  Or can you?  Here’s our contest works:

Play the Sonic Clash Spring Singing Contest every week. Entries must be in before the results show air on the East Coast every Wednesday.

Point Values:
Picking A Bottom Two Contestant That Week: 1 point
Picking The Contestant Who Goes Home: 2 points
Picking a Top 3 Finalist (once each season): now 5 points for each (was 6 to start)
Picking The Winner: 5 points

Our Leaderboard as of March 30
MT – 4
Hea Jin – 3
Yoel – 2
Shantel – 1

The season winner gets amazing bragging rights and a $25 Amazon gift certificate. And I would be remiss if I didn’t give a shout out to Sonic’s News Editor, GG, who has 7 points. That’s some scary picking!

And speaking of scary, look for him to write about Creepygirl, as he calls her, at his place tomorrow and here on Thursday!

On With The Show! Record your choices for week 9!