With slightly over 2 hours to go until the results show, Andrew Garcia is in danger of being sent home.

That’s the opinion of 100 percent of Sonic Clashers playing this week’s Spring Singing Contest. (Hey, you can play too!  We need you to CAST YOUR VOTE BEFORE the East Coast version of the results show airs.   This season’s winner gets bragging rights and a $25 Amazon gift certificate).

How bad was Andrew last night and in the previous weeks?   Well, there’s that one hundred percent thing.  Writing about last night’s performance show at Roheblius, our own Double G wrote  about Garcia singing The King with still-clenched teeth, “If they did Elvis: The Corny Musical, Andrew could perform this song. This dude’s going home tomorrow.”

What do YOU think?  There’s still time to vote.

And tune in tonight now that musical director Ricky Minor–in a strangely diminished role this year–shows up after word broke that Kevin Eubanks was leaving The Conan Killer Tonight Show only to be replaced by Ricky.