When I was in college, I worked at Blockbuster Video. At Blockbuster, we had to play these promotional tapes that were created simply to promote Blockbuster the brand, movies and games that were out at the time, and for some odd reason, music videos. While running tapes one day (putting them back on the shelf) I noticed a skinny young woman with these mesmerizing eyes on the TV screen. I’d heard her music before, but never knew what she looked like. Fiona Apple’s Criminal was playing and I was oddly attracted to this 95 pound woman without an ounce of curve in her body. It was all because of this video.

  • Is it me, or is this the same set as her Sleep To Dream video?
  • She’s been a bad, bad girl, you know.
  • Girls who break boys just because they can aren’t nice.
  • The tank top like pajama look with the purple stockings isn’t a good one.
  • But the purple panties is.
  • That man nearly cut her neck with his toe nails.
  • I wonder if she was comfy with being in her underwear the entire video.
  • Great video until she squirts whatever that fake stuff is out of the bottle.

With three hot albums in 10 years Fiona Apple is one of those artists that can consistently put out great music without having to stay in the public eye or feel the need to record constantly. She gives us a chance to miss her. Even though The Extraordinary Machine was her worst selling record, I’m sure she’ll be back with a vengeance. And hopefully we’ll see the purple panties again.