50 Cent bullets

Kanye West as an angel

50 Cent and Kanye West both have new albums coming out on the same day in September (the 11th, which I personally don’t think is the most tasteful day to release an album, but oh well…), and this should be an interesting match up. Of course, 50 is rap’s reigning commercial champ, with 12 million sold of his two albums. Kanye has sold half of that (which is still not shabby at all), but has made up for the sales oversight by winning critical raves that elude 50, as well as picking up a slew of Grammy awards to 50’s big fat zero. While neither artist has songs that are setting airwaves on fire, don’t estimate the power of either performer to generate a controversial pop culture moment that will have people flocking to the stores in droves.
50’s now on his fourth single from the upcoming “Curtis”, as his label, Interscope, is frantically searching for a sound that will connect with radio listeners. This has got to be an album pre-release record. 4 songs? That’s anywhere from 1/4 to 1/3 of the album already floating around a month and change before the release date!! The aforementioned fourth single, “Ayo Technology”, features Justin Timberlake, which should help it’s fortunes somewhat. I wonder how 50’s boss Eminem feels about 50’s use of an artist Em has spent almost his entire career making fun of.
As for Mr. West, his “Cant Tell Me Nothin'” has stoked interest for it’s unforgettable hillbilly themed video, while second single “Stronger” finds Kanye getting airplay on alternative rock radio for the first time, thanks to the song’s usage of a Daft Punk sample. Both videos can be viewed on Kanye’s website: http://www.kanyewest.com/.