I tried to get this done on Friday, but oh well. Monday it is. I’ll still try to write them on Fridays in the future.

Did you know that when Janet Jackson was 17, she did what people told her?

The Pleasure Principle was the last of the singles from her coming out party album Control. And while it might’ve only been the 6th single of a 9 song project, it’s video is one that I adore. It’s bootyful.

  • Janet was looking a little like Michael with the knee pads. Wait, MJ wears shin guards.
  • I now want to dance in a warehouse in my bare feet like Kevin Bacon. Ok, maybe not, but it looks cool.
  • She’s even wearing a wristband. I wonder if she stole that from James DeBarge.
  • It’s the pleasure principle, principle, oh ohhhh ohhhh oh.
  • How many people have broken something trying to run and tip the chair like that?
  • Check out that cabbage patch. That was like Jerry Rice in the end zone.
  • I see an ode to her big bro in there.
  • My buddy Kenny Threeths, Arsenio Hall, and me were there three biggest Janet Jackson fans I knew.
  • Everything about this video is cool except that fake back flip off the box.

Now that Janet has left Virgin and is going to be making records under Island/Def Jam, can she take it back to her glory days? Probably not. The one thing that can take her back to the top is risky. But if she wants to make it back to the top, it might be something she simply has to do. The first thing is that she has to politely dump Jermaine Dupri. We don’t want him trying to ruin her in the industry. Do it nicely. Secondly, call up Willis Jackson. Third, change your name to Charlene, and you and Willis can be together once again. I think it can happen. And then maybe he can be happy again.