What does the 11th hour cancellation of Usher’s wedding to future baby momma/former stylist Tameka Foster have to do with his music? Well, if you’re the cynical sort, it could be plenty. Usher has an album coming out this fall (a very important one, actually, considering that his last album, “Confessions”, sold 10 million copies in the U.S.). Remember the gambit Usher’s publicity folks ran prior to “Confessions”‘s release, suggesting that Usher’s relationship with TLC’s Chilli was put on ice because he got another woman pregnant? While no hard facts suggest that it’s the case, I can’t help but wonder if this whole young man/older woman/Usher’s upset mom thing is just a publicity stunt set up to create awareness about Usher’s upcoming CD. If so, it’s sort of genius and sick at the same time…I mean, come on, do they really expect the general public to believe that the wedding was cancelled because Usher wanted a finely catered wedding and Tameka wanted barbecue to be served??