Social Distortion's "Cold Feelings" 45

SOCIAL DISTORTION  “Cold Feelings”  b/w  “Bad Luck (Live Acoustic)”  (Epic Records #ES7- 4568, white-label promo, 1992)

Since there’s a million people out there who know more about Social D than I do, I’ll keep this brief.  My first exposure to L.A. punk stalwart Mike Ness and his brilliant Johnny-Cash-meets-The-Clash alchemy was ’81’s “1945” from the 2nd installment of Posh Boy’s Rodney On The ROQ series, which my high school accomplice Beaker and I spun endlessly in his bedroom while trashing all the furniture.  Black Flag’s “Rise Above” was on that same record.  God, what days.

Social Distortion promo 45

Fast forward a decade later, and that whole L.A. punk scene seemed decimated, with the exception of the more hard-melodic-power-pop punks like Bad Religion and Green Day (who had yet to really pick up the torch and run with it, along with Rancid, who had not yet fully blossomed out from the ska-rooted Op Ivy).  It was at this time that Ness and his Social D cohorts hit the height of their powers with the hooky, muscular (and very successful in an MTV-sorta way that doesn’t happen anymore) Somewhere Between Heaven And Hell LP.  This still-unplayed tour promo 45 from ’92 showcases the album’s lead-off track, “Cold Feelings,” which I still think is Ness at his best.

Play \”Cold Feelings\” by Social Distortion

Side B features a live acoustic take on Somewhere…‘s classic 2nd track, “Bad Luck.”  It’s a great rendition, but let’s keep things fresh, shall we?  Check out this recent, hard-chugging electric live take with The Boss & his E-Streeters at the LASA.  It totally kills.

Play \”Bad Luck\” live in L.A. with Mike & Bruce

Well, both “1945” and 1981 are long behind us, yet there’s still no stoppin’ the D.  Keep up with all the hottest poop at

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