I’ve got no problem admitting that I’m not the world’s biggest Bob Dylan fan. While I think he’s an ace songwriter, there are very few people I can think of whose singing I enjoy less. It seems to have gotten worse as he’s gotten older. Some people (Joni Mitchell) get better as singers as they age. Mr. Zimmerman? Not so much. Anyhow, the guy’s a legend no matter how you slice it, and he has a new album called “Together Through Life” out today. Given the slow release schedule, this could very well become Dylan’s first #1 album debut EVER. I smell an early front-runner for Grammy’s Album of the Year.


Ben Folds Ben Folds Presents: University a Cappella : True story. I have my iTunes on in the background, and as I was researching this album, a Ben Folds song just randomly came on. It’s like my computer can read my mind! Then again, the song that came on was “Fired”, so maybe I shouldn’t count on my laptop as a crystal ball yet-at least I hope not.

Anyway, this is a pretty interesting piece. Ben got a bunch of college students to sing his songs acappella. You can get a little taste of what to expect here.

Ben Lee The Rebirth of Venus: Folds’ sometime partner in The Bens (along with Ben Kweller, who unfortunately, does *not* have an album coming out today, “The Rebirth of Venus” is the latest effort from the former child prodigy. Why Ben Lee has never caught on in the States is one of music’s great mysteries. He’s a fantastic songwriter who can write a killer hook, and he’s got a sense of humor besides. Maybe he just goes over peoples’ heads.

Mike Jones The Voice: Who? Mike Jones


Remember back when Texas rap was gonna be the next big thing? There was this guy, Paul Wall, Chamillionaire, Slim Thug, and a couple of others. None of them have careers anymore! Ha!! Anyway, after a million and one delays and a much too long gap in between albums, Jones is back. Can he salvage what’s left of his career? I’m betting “no” here, but I’ve been wrong before. Not many times, mind you, but I’ve been wrong before.

OK-I was kidding with that last comment. My ego’s not that big-yet.

Urban Mystic GRIII: Old Skool 2 Nu Skool: When I first heard of this guy, I thought he was one of those space-cadet R&B singers, like Maxwell, you know? Come to find out this guy’s just Jaheim with even more hood cliche added. His first album (which I think was self titled) was one of the biggest pieces of shit I’ve ever heard before (and I’ve listened to a LOT of music). For those of you who care, he has a new album out today. That said, if this interests you at all, I have to question your taste in music.

As always, get your full list of new releases here.