Lordy, who asked for the late Nineties to return so quickly? First, we got the news that a Limp Bizkit (or limpbizkit?) reunion was on the horizon. Now, we’ve been smacked with a doozy: Creed is getting back together for a summer tour. If you remember, Creed’s brand of post-grunge (with an extra religious twist!) made them one of the biggest selling bands of the late Nineties and early 00s. They split up acrimoniously a few years later, and lead singer Scott Stapp (who does the most constipated-sounding Eddie Vedder impression of anyone I’ve ever heard) recorded a solo album to lukewarm reception. The remaining members got a new lead singer, renamed themselves Alter Bridge, and released two albums, also to lukewarm reception. The most noteworthy thing that happened during that period was the unearthing of an X-rated video starring Stapp and Kid Rock. So much for being a semi-Christian band.

Anyhow, someone somewhere feels like enough time has passed that there is still an audience for this band? Their music-which wasn’t espeecially good in the first place-hasn’t aged well, and now just sounds bombastic and cheesy. No way in hell I’d pay to go see them in concert. After all, who wants to sit through this again?