For the past few years, British pop icon George Michael has been spending more time getting arrested and falling asleep at the wheel than he has making music. His last album, “Patience” came out five years ago, and failed to recapture the talent that made albums like “Faith” and the incredibly underrated “Listen Without Prejudice” so great.

“December Song” appears to be a one-off holiday track from George. The animated video is quite imaginative, giving us the flavor of those holiday specials from yesteryear. That said, though, the song itself is boring as hell. George’s music has lost much of its’ pep in recent years and the fact remains that he hasn’t put out a consistently good record since 1996!! 1996!!! (repeated for emphasis) It’s definitely no “Last Christmas”. That’s for sure.

Anyhow, check out “December Song” and let us know what you think.