As someone who is not a fan of the basic-element hip-hop that has been clogging radio airwaves and video channels for the best part of the past fifteen years, I gotta say Lupe Fiasco is a breath of fresh air. ANYONE who’s not one-dimensional is a breath of fresh air. The Chicago MC can definitely spit-as inconsistent (and way too long) as his last album, “The Cool” was, Lupe remains an engaging listen and I was very happy when the album went Gold. Maybe there’s a spot in the mainstream for intelligent hip-hop after all.

Anyway, the Grammy-winning artist has been spouting off in the media about potential retirement for some time now. As is generally the case with musicians who announce retirement, he’s full of shit. He’s backed off of the threats lately, and has returned to bless us with a new mixtape called “Enemy of the State”. You can pretty much download it anywhere (I would imagine most of you readers are more savvy about shit like that than I am).

What’s exciting me even more than the mixtape is Lupe’s website. Ostensibly promoting his forthcoming album “Lasers”, it also announces a mission statement of sorts. Seeing things like this makes me proud to be a hip-hop fan. I will definitely be checking for this release in the new year.