Hey Readers…hope you all had a great Thanksgiving and you’re recovering from either food coma or getting trampled on in the midst of Black Friday madness.

On Wednesday (or was it Tuesday? I forget…), I gave you guys a look at Popdose.com’s list of the 100 Best Songs of the past 10 years. Well, continuing in that realm, the site has also published a list of the 100 Best Albums of the decade. I won’t give away the results, you’ll have to check them out yourself, but it’s definitely an interesting read.

Here’s my own list of the decade’s Top 50 albums. If you’re aware of my musical tastes, I don’t think you’ll be too surprised by my selections. It is WAY too much work to offer individual commentary, but if you have any questions about why something may or may not have been included, feel free to ask!!

(*note…I seriously fucked up with the original list…I made two glaring omissions which have since been corrected. Thanks, Greg)

1) Back to Black/Amy Winehouse

2) The College Dropout/Kanye West
3) Parachutes/Coldplay
4) Phrenology/The Roots

5) The Blueprint/Jay-Z
6) Be/Common
7) Continuum/John Mayer
8) Late Registration/Kanye West
9) Get Behind Me Satan/The White Stripes
10) Cookie-The Anthropological Mixtape/Meshell Ndegeocello
11) Sea Change/Beck

12) Garden State Soundtrack/Various Artists
13) Comin’ From Where I’m From/Anthony Hamilton

14) Trouble/Ray LaMontagne

15) The Black Album/Jay-Z
16) Heavier Things/John Mayer
17) White Ladder/David Gray
18) Daylight/Duncan Sheik

19) Night Ripper/Girl Talk
20) Once Again/John Legend
21) Since We Last Spoke/RJD2
22) Instant Vintage/Raphael Saadiq
23) Give Up/The Postal Service
24) Rockin’ the Suburbs/Ben Folds

25) Twentysomething/Jamie Cullum
26) Good News for People Who Love Bad News/Modest Mouse

27) Guero/Beck
28) Now/Maxwell
29) A Beautiful World/(Robin) Thicke

30) Maroon/Barenaked Ladies
31) Lupe Fiasco’s Food & Liquor/Lupe Fiasco
32) The Tipping Point/The Roots
33) The Way I Feel/Remy Shand
34) Electric Circus/Common

35) Stankonia/Outkast
36) Welcome Interstate Managers/Fountains of Wayne

37) Graduation/Kanye West
38) The Marshall Mathers LP/Eminem
39) Voodoo/D’Angelo
40) American Idiot/Green Day
41) It Won’t Be Soon Before Long/Maroon 5
42) Gold/Ryan Adams

43) Donuts/J. Dilla
44) Hip Hop is Dead/Nas

45) O/Damien Rice
46) AOI: Bionix/De La Soul

47) Extraordinary Machine/Fiona Apple
48) Who is Jill Scott? Words & Sounds Vol. 1/Jill Scott
49) Year of the Gentleman/Ne-Yo
50) Because of the Times/Kings of Leon