Simon Cowell

Image by cliff1066 via Flickr

A day after making UK headlines by badmouthing auditions of hit show The X Factor, Simon Cowell anointed a Susan Boyle successor yesterday.

Britain’s newest star and the Internet’s latest viral video belongs to handsome 27 year old Danyl Johnson. No, Daryl Johnston is the football announcer. Danyl is a guy who sang With A Little Help From My Friends and then proved he only needed four friends when the judges cooed, oohed and ahhhed over his performance.

The show has locked the video tight, apparently wanting to track how it can create buzz.  We caught the news on the overnight wires, waited a little while to see what would happen after Cowell, looking more moguly by the week, declared it “the best first audition” he heard on the show.    US visitors can’t see the video on the show’s official site and there is absolutely no embedding allowed anywhere, but we have a link to an official video posted to You Tube.

Get ready for Danylfever.  And the dude better hope he doesn’t pass by any windows when a newly minted Scottish diva with a fresh makeover is lurking nearby.