CNN is reporting tonight that Carly Simon’s big secret — the subject of the standard You’re So Vain— is David.

She’s just not saying David’s last name yet.

And maybe the best part of the entire issue is that Simon reveals the clue is when she whispers the name “David”, which is heard when played in reverse just before the bridge on a new version of the song.  So even if The Beatles didn’t kill Paul and leave clues in their music, at least one artist says she has added a clue in reverse.

All of this has prompted London newspaper The Sun to report that David is mogul David Geffen.  The tabloid’s sleuthing says that Carly was jealous about Geffen bringing Joni Mitchell to his startup label in the

Eh.  Maybe.

Knowing the lyrics, I would say that’s a stretch.  But it ain’t Warren (Beatty) or Mick (Jagger), so I guess either proved their vanity when claiming the song was about them.

What do you think?   Who else could David be?   Showbiz411 debunks the entire David issue and claims the guy is still Warren.  I always thought so.

Your turn.