Never been a huge Replacements/Westerberg fan, but I think this is such a fucking cool idea.

According to “Westerberg made available a 44-minute single MP3 file of a dozen-plus songs, dubbed “49,” for 49 cents. is handling the commerce via a link from the Westerberg Web site Men Without Ties. Tunecore will begin carrying the release later today.”

OK, technically, it’s not a brand new album. Well, it is, but it’s not professionally produced and it’s pretty low-fi. But if you’re a fan, you absolutely can’t beat that deal.

Even if Paul doesn’t make any money off of this (which he probably won’t, and isn’t it nice to see even an artist who never had massive commercial success kinda admit that he doesn’t need to be paid by pulling off a stunt like this?), it’ll put him in the good graces of his fans the next time he decides to release a “real” album for full price (whatever that is), and the resulting buzz around the release of “49” will probably eve lure a few casual fans or curious music listeners into the fold for the next album.

I think more artists should try things like this.