You don’t have to watch the hour long live stream. God knows I kept fast-forwarding. But as he gets ready for sentencing on last year’s gun charges, Wayne took an hour of his dwindling freedom to light up, talk to his fans and rotate in whoever was wandering by.

There’s no denying Wayne’s appeal or credibility. President Obama name checks him, Billboard is suggesting that Rebirth might sell more than 100,000 units in its debut week and he’s already sitting on 4 Grammys. But last year’s multiple arrests on weapons and drug charges means Wayne is likely going to prison for a time.  Even multimillionaire musicians can’t like prison.  Maybe they like it less.

But a little dental surgery bought him an extra month on the outside.   Apparently prison dentists aren’t as good as the ones in Miami so the dude who smoked a Grammy stage earlier this month has until March before being sentenced.  Which gives President Obama one more time to namecheck him.  Maybe about dental hygiene.

Here is the full hour on Ustream for completists.