I’m sorry that I missed blogging last week’s show, but I was in Cancun with the family, and let’s just say that American Idol isn’t that big of a deal in Mexico. Now Latin American Idol …

Last night’s show was probably the most boring one thus far and I think it could’ve used some Chikezie baby to spice it up, but he’s gone and he’s not coming back.

(Supposedly David Cook was in the hospital last night for high blood pressure, and thankfully, he’s ok.)

The crew opens up with a group rendition of Nine To Five and after a recap from last night’s show, Ryno gets right to it.

– Michael Johns and Big Dave Archuleta are safe.

– I’ve finally put my finger on who Big Dave Archuleta reminds me of. He looks like a young Jerry Lewis. Put some glasses on him and you have a nutty professor.

– Carly Smithson looked very happy to not have to go to the bottom three again.

– I refuse to mention On The Air With American Idol again as it’s the most unnecessary television segment going.

– Three guys named the Clark Brothers won some band competition and are the musical interlude tonight. You mean Justin Guarini isn’t available? But then again, he couldn’t play speed country guitar like these guys.

– David Cook is safe, but Ramiele isn’t. Her outfit tonight features one of Ruben Studdard’s t-shirts with a vest on top of it, stretch pants, and furry boots.

– KL Cook predicted her own disappointment and is also one of the bottom three. She’s not wearing Ruben Studdard’s shirt by the way.

– Why is Buckwald Covington on my television screen right now? And Sweaty Phil Stacey too? I’m ok with that great man Boseph Bice being highlighted here though. I might’ve thrown up on myself if Constantine was featured though.

It's Bo Bice!

This Guy Looks Like A Waif Model In Person

– Hallelujah! Syesha is safe, but Brooke isn’t.

– The three amigas are Brooke, Ramiele, and KL Cook as the bottom three. In between the two taller girls, Ramiele looks like Tattoo from Fantasy Island.

– Dolly Parton is singing Jesus And Gravity. Her boobs scoff at gravity.

– Teflon KL Cook is safe as is Brooke. Big Rube Studdard celebrates Ramiele home.