*So, the NKOTB reunion is in full-swing. The first photo of all the guys together since 1994 is making the rounds, and I gotta say time has been kind to The Kids. They’re on the “Today” show tomorrow, performing and announcing their tour, and I gotta say, I’m pretty stoked! More so to hear the new material than to go see them live, though.
*Speaking of artists that haven’t performed live in forever, George Michael is touring the U.S. for the first time since 1991, promoting his new “Twenty-Five” hits compilation. I love George, and he remains a singular vocalist who really isn’t all that exciting live. However, considering the man tours so infrequently, it might be a good idea to catch him now.
*Congrats are due to Mariah Carey and Madonna. “Touch My Body” became Mariah’s 18th #1 hit this week, pushing her into second place, behind The Beatles, when it comes to artists with #1 songs. Meanwhile, “4 Minutes” has become Madge’s 38th Top Ten hit, also bumping her into second place all-time, behind, you guessed it, The Beatles!!
*Wow, all I have to do is throw a Hammer or Vanilla Ice reference, and the artists mentioned in this column so far could have just as easily been mentioned in 1990. How ’bout staying power, eh?
*Bobby Brown is writing an autobiography, which promises to dish tons of dirt on Whitney Houston, including the fact that Whit introduced him to cocaine and that she married him to improve her image. Um, wasn’t *Whitney* America’s good girl when she and Bobby got married? What needed improvement? And who knew Bobby could write?
*Finally, in my current guilty pleasures list, the guys from Fall Out Boy have recorded a pretty nifty cover of “Beat It”, featuring some serious shredding from John Mayer on guitar. I’m not quite sure why I like Fall Out Boy so much. Maybe I take pity on the overwhelming ugliness of Patrick Stump. Anyway, here’s their cover for you (best to ignore the video loop of Patrick Stump blowing kisses):
It’s good and all, but still doesn’t beat this ridiculously awesome cover by Charlotte Church and a drunk off her tits Amy Winehouse: