I know yesterday was Veteran’s Day, but I was spending that day with my favorite veteran…

I come from a long line of veterans. My father, most of my uncles, and quite a few cousins are vets. I think the only service that hasn’t been represented by someone in my family is the Coast Guard. I am married to a soldier who will finally be retiring next year after thirty years of service. The military has its problems and some may think of it as a job no more honorable than any other job. And maybe, when we’re at “peace”, that’s true.

Anyway, in a few days, my husband Bill and I will celebrate our 11th wedding anniversary. For most of our marriage, the United States has been at war in Iraq and Afghanistan. Bill went to Iraq for six months in 2007. Somehow, he has avoided other deployments, though he has friends who have gone downrange over and over again. They leave behind family members who worry about them all the time. Many times, they survive their deployments just fine. Sometimes, they don’t. I wanted to dedicate a post to all the veterans and their families out there.

Rhonda Vincent and the Rage is one of my favorite bluegrass bands. They have done a couple of great songs for vets.

“Till They Came Home”

“God Bless The Soldier”

Staff Sergeant Barry Sadler famously sang “The Ballad of the Green Berets”.

I’ve always thought this song was kind of hyperbolic, but it’s definitely a song for veterans.

“Dogface Soldier” by Russ Morgan

This first time I ever heard the song “Dogface Soldier”, I was at a dining out with Bill and some old veteran got up and sang this. The guest of honor happened to be Captain Dale Dye, a highly decorated Marine who went on to consult on military affairs in Hollywood. Dale Dye was a really good sport and gave the veteran the sharpest salute ever!

In 1990, Hank Williams Jr. famously sang a song for the late Saddam Hussein, who had just invaded Kuwait…

This song kind of cracks me up now. It’s full of bravado and bullshit.

Like something a little edgier? Sammy Hagar has you covered.

“Remember The Heroes” by Sammy Hagar

Actually, this is the first time I’ve ever heard this song. I give Sammy Hagar props for this. It’s nice to hear a rock star singing something for the troops.

Want something even edgier than Hagar? Check out “Don’t Tread On Me” by Metallica…

This’ll get you out of bed for PT…

A woman I used to work with was in the Army for a spell. She said her daily workout sessions with her unit started with this song…

I’ve always loved this song, but never thought of it as a military song until my former co-worker pointed it out.

Veteran’s Day is over now and so is this post. I’m grateful to all the veterans in my life… and the day off my sweet veteran enjoyed yesterday.