Amy Winehouse? What the HELL is wrong with you? You’re an amazingly talented singer and songwriter. Granted, creative people are supposed to have demons, but (and I’ve seen this far too often) your demons are threatening to consume you and eat you alive! You obviously have a drug problem, and from recent comments you’ve made, you’re dealing with some serious self-esteem issues as well, refusing to go to rehab unless your husband goes with you, making comments to the effect of “I’m not worthy of anything…I was put here to take care of my man”. This is frustrating because, unlike Britney and Lindsay and all those other girls who are flushing their careers (and possibly their lives) down the toilet, you have TALENT!!! With the cancellation of show dates (including the MTV VMAs), you’ve got me wondering if you’ll even be around to collect the Best New Artist Grammy you are almost ensured of winning next year!
Check out the excellent video for “Tears Dry On Their Own” here: