It’s amazing to me how many people don’t know their New Edition history. It hurts my feelings. Ya, people know Bobby Brown because of Whitney. But what about everyone else? As a group, they were one of the best R&B groups of all time. And maybe even more importantly, they were able to make the transition from teenage group to adult group. They were able to grow with the times as seen by Heart Break, their adult careers (which seemed to have sputtered out for all of the members), and the comeback album, Home Again. Here’s one of my favorite NE videos.

  • Are those ballet slippers on Ralph?
  • Who is the dude that talks to them at the beginning?
  • And who is that random Asian girl that turns on the music?
  • I think I saw the New Kids steal these same moves.
  • Johnny Gill has the same haircut as Prince Akeem from Coming To America.
  • What was the reason for shirtless Ralph dunking his head in the water?
  • Do Mike and Ron even need to be in the video? Everyone knows they didn’t sing backup on this song.
  • Love her? What?
  • Ok, were they trying to recreate the Fun Bunch high five?

I’m all for NE recording until the day they die. They can still sing (well at least Ralph, JG, and Ricky Bell can) and I bet you they’ll be able to throw down on the dance floor for at least another 10 years.