When I starting creating these slow jam tapes, really, they were to be about slow and inspiring music about love and relationships. I think I made a wrong turn at Albuquerque. This is the wackiest JSlow I’d ever done and probably will ever do. There are many songs that don’t make sense at all as to why they are on here. But away we go.

JS5 (circa 1999)

  1. Could – Brian McKnight
  2. Say It – Voices Of Theory
  3. It Seems Like You’re Ready – R. Kelly
  4. They Don’t Know – Jon B.
  5. Do Your Thing – 7 Mile
  6. Your Body’s Callin’ – R. Kelly
  7. Brick – Ben Folds Five
  8. Gone Till November – Wyclef Jean
  9. All In Love Is Fair – Stevie Wonder
  10. And Our Feelings – Babyface
  11. I Don’t Want To Ever See You Again – Uncle Sam
  12. Never Is A Promise – Fiona Apple
  13. When Can I See You – Babyface
  14. I Don’t Wanna Go On – Innerlude
  15. The Only One For Me – Brian McKnight
  16. Sweet Thing – Mary J. Blige
  17. The Sweetest Thing – Lauryn Hill
  18. Baby You Are – Uncle Sam

Why were there two R. Kelly songs on there were like 4 years old? No clue. Looking back, I think I just wanted to put another tape together and just found any slow song that I hadn’t already used, even those that weren’t about love or heartbreak. And this was before my ban on R. Kelly music.

  • I was definitely in Brian McKnight fan mode at this point and The Only One For Me still does it for me.
  • Whatever happened to Voices Of Theory?
  • Whatever happened to 7 Mile (one of Mariah Carey’s first and only signings on her now defunct label)?
  • I loved Brick and while it’s not the typical love song, I still enjoy it.
  • The shades and shadows undulate in my perception – enough said Fiona, enough said.
  • Even though All In Love Is Fair is the most depressing Stevie Wonder song ever, I still had to add it
  • I was buying everything during this time, even Uncle Sam, who was a once protege of Boyz II Men
  • Innerlude? Don’t ask.
  • Remember when Lauryn Hill used to be The Sweetest Thing?

JSlow 6 would be my first since my oldest son was born, so you can imagine what’s on that one.

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