I had nothing today. I couldn’t think of anything for the Friday Throwback and all of a sudden, for some reason unbeknown to even me, the name Father MC just popped into my head. This is random y’all.

– Look at K-Ci and JoJo looking like a couple of young bucks.

– Damn, were they wearing those black Sox hats even back then?

– When you hear the song you think Sugar Hill Gang, but you should really think Chic.

– Father, make up your mind. Wear your sun glasses or don’t, but you shouldn’t change it in every other scene.

– “Now I sign a couple autographs, take a few flicks, order Don Perignon and lay back with my chicks.” I want to be that man.

– I kind of miss this haircut.

– Do dat dance, do dat dance baby, do dat dance, let’s work it out.

– Did he just name drop Andre Harrell?

– Why is JoJo wearing a towel over his head?

– Don’t tell me it’s a hood.

– It is a hood.

No matter what, that song is a party starter, even if it’s about 16 years old.