I’ll tell you one thing. If I’m reading about a TV telecast and it says Mary J. Blige is going to perform, I am *there*. Whether ripping the Grammys apart with performances of “No More Drama” and “Be Without You” or delivering an emotionally stunning version of “One” with U2, there is no question that Mary J. is one of, if not the most emotionally resonant performer in popular music today.

It took all of two listens for her new album “Growing Pains” (currently the #1 album in the country, the fifth of her career) to make an impression on me. While some people may think Mary’s music caters to a very specific audience, her music is far-reaching, whether it hits you for the beats, Mary’s luxurious (if not always perfect) voice or for the messages of empowerment and self-love that she delivers with a fierce honesty.

Here’s a CNN performance of “Come To Me (Peace)”, which is the last track on her current album and one of the best songs she’s ever done in my opinion. Enjoy.