Holy cow. Shanice is 34 years old. Time sure flies when your pop stars from the 90s get older. Everyone remembers Shanice right? And no, she’s not the light skinned one. That was Tracie Spencer. No, Eddie from Family Matters didn’t have a crush on her. Again, I believe that was Tracie Spencer. Shanice is the one with the smile. In fact, if you watched Beverly Hills, 90210 during season 1 or 2, you’d remember her very well. They played lots of Shanice at the end of that show as well as lots of Vanessa Williams and Jeremy Jordan (alright!).

  • Doesn’t she look like a young Tootie in that opening shot?
  • Man, she was being romantic with that mic.
  • That dude is taking pictures all up inside her nostrils too.
  • They should’ve created a special character for her on 90210. With those clothes, she would’ve fit in very well.
  • Where the hell did this rap come from?
  • Blow Branford blow.
  • I love your smile! Sike! That was so wrong.
  • She really does.

Soon, she’d be Saving Forever For You and praying with Johnny Gill. And then she married Flex Alexander. Who knew?