I didn’t find Wednesday’s show all that noteworthy. You could maybe say that it was the first time all season long that Josh Krajcik looked like he could go home. Also noticeable was the pandering all the mentors did so that their finalists wouldn’t get kicked off. Simon nearly outright said that Paula and Nicole wouldn’t vote for his female finalists if they were in the final two so that America needed to vote for them. It was quite odd, but probably truthful.

Based on last night, here’s my top 2 and bottom 2:

Top 2
Melanie Amaro and Chris Rene

Bottom 2
Josh Krajcik and Marcus Canty

Chris Rene is either pulling the wool over our eyes, or he really has something. His vocals are average at best, yet he comes off so sincere and likable, which is carrying him through this season even though it might be slightly undeserving.

Lenny Kravitz opens the show. My man is 47 years old, yet looks like he’s in his mid-30s. I love it when artists play their new single which gets tepid applause because no one knows it, so they have to sing one of their more popular songs so that they get that ovation at the end. Lenny did that one perfectly.

It’s always sad when Mr. Anti-charisma introduces the mentors and their finalists and Paula has to sit at the mentor’s table all by her lonesome.

Let’s get to it. The first person through to next week is Josh Krajcik, so last night didn’t hurt him at all.

The second person through to next week is Chris Rene. Every time Chris goes through, Simon gives a face that says, “I can’t believe this guy is still around.”

Rachel says she’s not confident, but she loves her fans. Marcus says he’ll just have to step up if need be. Melanie is really nervous and doesn’t know exactly how to feel, but is confident that her fans will keep her around.

Let’s break this down for a second. Simon is worried that if Marcus is in the bottom two that Nicole and Paula will vote him in no matter what. But if it’s Rachel and Melanie in the bottom two, he loses one anyway. He must be pissed right now.

Mary J. Blige is on stage and I’m not sure if you know, but she’s good y’all. And her new album is pretty darn good as well.

Melanie Amaro is through to the top four. So it’s down to Rachel and Marcus. Rachel has so much darn composure for being so young.

How can your heart not bleed for Rachel right now? As much as I like Marcus, he better not boot out Rachel!

Marcus is singing I’m Goin’ Down. He’s doing it for Mary. Marcus is putting tons of emotion into this song, but again, the vocals are lacking and he’s doing lots of screaming. He really needs to find three other dudes and put together a new Jodeci. He’s got K-Ci Hailey down pat.

Rachel is doing it. If Paula and Nicole vote her off, they really need their heads examined.

Of course, LA chooses Rachel to leave and Simon chooses Marcus to leave. Yet again, it’s up to Paula and Nicole. If Simon was truthful about his feelings Wednesday night, he thinks they will send home Rachel. Paula chooses to send home Marcus. Nicole won’t make a decision and is overly dramatic like usual so she kicks off Rachel just to deadlock them. How pitiful and cowardice. Way to not do your job Nicole.

Mr. Anti-charisma reads the act who received the lowest number of votes and Rachel Crow is going home. She breaks down in sobbing fashion. Nicole Scherzinger is an idiot.