Before we get into the show, I learned that Paula Abdul and Chris Rene are linked in some odd way. I have a friend who has met Paula Abdul before. If you know me or read me at all, you know I’m a huge Paula fan. So what if she didn’t have a fantastic voice. She was a huge pop star at one time and I wanted to marry her.

The way my friend knows Paula is that her aunt (who has been in a few things herself) and Paula used to be best friends. I’ve seen photographical evidence. My friend’s aunt is Chris Rene’s cousin. So back in the day, little Chris and Paula may have crossed paths. Why is that at all meaningful? Well, maybe when my friend and I go to LA, we’ll “run into” Paula and now Chris. Maybe I’ll get to sing background on the Young Homie remix. Okay, onto the show.

It was Michael Jackson night last night. Tito, Marlon, Jackie, Mama Katharine, Prince, Paris, and mean-muggin’ Blanket were all there. Where was greasy Jermaine?

If you didn’t see last night’s show, you can get the recap on Popblerd.

Based on last night, here’s my top 2 and bottom 2:

Top 2
Melanie Amaro and Astro

Bottom 2
Drew and Marcus

I’ve been on a roll in picking who goes home, but I’m not quite confident now. With two more going home tonight, we’ll be down to five. I think Drew is caught in the crossfire of the Simon/LA turf war and it could be her undoing. And I just think Marcus’ lack of vocals are catching up with him. His charisma may possibly get him through though.

The finalists are performing Man In The Mirror. Let’s just say that Chris Rene struggled. My man is out there without a life jacket when he has to hit certain notes.

We’re getting right to at least one of the eliminations. It’s quite apparent who is running the show. LA and Simon still have all of their finalists left. Poor Paula.

Chris Rene, the Teflon Don is through to next week.

Melanie Amaro is also through to next week.

Rachel Crow is also through to next week. Marcus, Astro, Drew, and Josh are still on the chopping block. Only one of them is completely safe from elimination. Drew looks terrified. Astro is swaggin’ it out. Marcus says he’s staying strong. And Josh is a little nervous.

Tinie Tempah is performing tonight. If you watched WrestleMania or any of the baseball playoffs this year, you heard his big single, Written In The Stars.

His performance consists of him jumping in place. If you can’t rap better than Astro, I’m not sure you should be on the stage on this show. Then again, my man sold millions of his single, so I guess he deserves to be there. At least he got Nicole and Paula to shut up and dance. Whoops, I mean stand up and dance.

And Josh Krajcik is through. Well, my bottom two are in the bottom three. I really hope Astro gets through, but at this point, if Drew doesn’t make it, it’s entirely LA and Simon’s fault. And she’s already crying.

And it’s Astro who is a goner. You can blame that one on Simon for two weeks ago. Blood on your hands Simon!

I would imagine that my man is tied up with whatever Sony record label they are working with. LA should definitely be involved in the making of his record and call in his friends. I think it could be a decent sized success.

Drew is up first to sing for her X Factor life with Listen To Your Heart. Based on her first few lines, vocally, this is going to be a complete mismatch. Marcus is going to have to get on his knees and beg. Drew is killing it on her way to next week. LA may lose two of his guys on the same show.

Marcus has those “I’m done” eyes. What’s interesting is that Paula and Nicole have to make the decision. They both seem to be huge Marcus fans. But Marcus’ voice is just cracking all over the place. There’s no way he should make it.

Predictably, LA is sending home Drew.

Simon says it’s his fault that Drew is in the bottom because he has presented her wrong. He’s sending home Marcus. Simon cut a really nice “save Drew” promo. The guy is a master.

Nicole says that based on the song each just performed, she’s sending home Drew. Nicole is deaf. Marcus was terrible.

Paula says the save me song has to move her and she sends home Drew. Paula is not on my good list anymore. Nicole is deaf. Paula is blind. They’re both dumb. Game over. Simon and LA should be ashamed of themselves, but so should Paula and Nicole. The vote was in their hands.