Remember pre-“Promiscuous” Nelly Furtado? All cutesy and quirky. A far cry from the sex goddess we now know her as.

She and Timbaland (who, as much as I think he’s overrated, is responsible for 8 or 9 songs on this list) had worked together before (on Missy Elliott’s “Get Your Freak On” remix and a single for forgotten femme-cee Ms. Jade), but “Promiscuous” was the song that revitalized both their careers.

Adding “sexy”, to “sassy” and “spunky”, Nelly and Timbo traded lines in a manner most flirtatious. Furtado proves herself a pretty capable rapper (at least these days), while Timbaland debuted his new Eighties-inspired production style. The result? A jam that lit up dance floors during the early summer of ’06.

Great song and all, but I believe Nelly when she says that Timbaland didn’t know the meaning of the word “promiscuous” when he wrote the song. Who’s gonna go to a club and say “hey, girl who sleeps with everybody, I want YOU!” “OK, guy who sleeps with everybody…let’s get together!” Although, if you’re getting around that much, your game probably is MVP like Steve Nash.