Hey folks, it’s the beginning of summer! Break out the sunglasses and shorts, because the warm weather is upon us! There’s no shortage of tunes to blast out of your boombox on those beach trips (do people still use boomboxes?), but here are a couple of my favorite songs that celebrate the season. Play them and enjoy the good vibes.

If you like your summer songs spiked with a little bit of nostalgia, then NKOTB’s “Summertime” is for you.

Next up is my man Doug E. Fresh with his own “Summertime” from 1990. This is by far the rarest of the three songs here, and the fact that embedding is disabled grinds my gears a little bit. Check out the hip-house influence in the song, and also check out a very brief cameo from Sean “Diddy” Combs at the beginning of the video.

I think you can all guess what’s next. As I do every year, a summertime kickoff isn’t complete without DJ Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince. Enjoy, and have a great Memorial Day weekend (we’ll still be here, so don’t forget to check in when you have a free sec!)