What better way to kick off the weekend than with a song that was an ode to big ole booties? This a few years before Sir Mix-a-Lot’s song about love of the backside.

I want to meet Lisa and Brenda now, nearly 20 years later, to see if they still have it.

  • Tina might’ve had grace and poise like a ballerina, but no ballerina could wear a dress like that.
  • Don’t ask me how I’m living, cause yo I’m living swell.
  • I feel badly for LL’s wife now after watching the first minute of this video.
  • What’s up with the hand held shaky camera work? Is it supposed to simulate a bouncing rear end?
  • How old was LL at this time, talking about going to high schools to peep the girls?
  • Damn, he left the ballerina for big bootie Brenda.
  • I’m leavin’ you, see ya!