After a particularly nasty bust up with Velvet Revolver and a successful summer jaunt with the reunited Stone Temple Pilots, Scott Weiland is back with a new single and album. Paralysis is the name of the song, while the album, Happy in Galoshes, arrives on 11/25, right in time for the Christmas shopping season.

This video is…well, it’s pretty damn sexy, no doubt about it. Having seen in person the reactions of women when Weiland walks into a room, it’s safe to say that his female contingent will dig this video while being jealous of the lovely lady who plays Weiland’s love interest. The song itself is pretty good. It rocks while also boasting a chorus sunny enough for pop radio. One thing that continues to floor me is how much Weiland sounds like David Bowie. It’s almost uncanny and it’s something I originally noticed a couple of years ago when they did that all-star version of Across the Universe on the Grammys. Even the video is a little reminiscent of Bowie-I’m thinking China Girl. Hey, there are plenty worse people to be influenced by, right?

Check the video out for yourself and let us know what you think.