With all the buzz about new music on the horizon, how could we forget to mention the long awaited new single from AC/DC of which I have been craving since 2000 for? You’ll get a full review of the Black Ice album once October 28th rolls around and I’m forced to hit Wal-Mart to get it. Yet, I figured I’d write a quick blurp about the new track that just hit rock and roll radio. The song’s title is Rock & Roll Train and was worth the wait. It’s solid, and has that classic AC/DC sound that was missing on their last two albums (1996’s Ballbreaker & 2000’s Stiff Upper Lip) By classic, I don’t specifically mean that 70’s classic Bon Scott sound, but definitely the classic Brian Johnson sound from the early 80’s. It sounds like something from the Fly On The Wall album, and I’m surprised with all of the buzz over AC/DC, pop radio hasn’t decided to give it a chance to succeed.

AC/DC's irrepressible guitarist Angus Young. Photo by Borsi112.

The song begins with the typical sticks in your head riff from Malcom Young and the quick Phil Rudd drum beat, and then proceeds to rock you for four minutes. The chorus is catchy, in the same vain as their other classic tunes. The only real surprise is that the Angus Young guitar solo seems to go for only about ten seconds. I’m also wondering why they called the song Rock & Roll Train, and not Runaway Train which is heard in the lyric. Are they worried about Soul Asylum coming after them?

I don’t think the song will become a classic like Back In Black or Highway To Hell, but I think it’ll do well on the mainstream rock chart. I give it 4 stars, but then again I’m a little bias! Just when we thought rock and roll was dead, here comes AC/DC to save the day!

The music video hasn’t hit yet, but here’s a fun fan-made video on you tube that works for me!