I found a couple of rare Randy Travis clips on YouTube featuring his audition on You Can Be A Star

Hi everyone. Today’s post is going to be short because I just got back from Texas and have had a lot to do today. This morning, one of my friends at Pop Rock Nation sent me an email asking about pictures of Randy Travis on Star Search. Though I was a big fan of Star Search back in the day, I wasn’t aware that he was ever on the 80s era talent show Star Search. Nevertheless, I went searching for pictures or a video clip… and I came up mostly empty except for one thing. Back in 1983, young Randy Travis auditioned for You Can Be A Star, a talent show for would be country stars. The show aired on the now defunct cable channel, The Nashville Network. I saw a couple of episodes, but back in those days, I wasn’t a fan of country music.

Here’s a very young Randy being interviewed by Florence Henderson and singing on his audition tape. This was obviously done after he was discovered, since the audition tape is from when he was just a regular guy hoping to launch a music career.

TNN featured Randy Travis a couple of times. Here’s a very early interview and performance from when he was a rising star.

Sadly, it’s been reported that Randy Travis is very ill right now with viral cardiomyopathy, a serious illness that has affected his heart. I know I’m not alone in hoping that Randy Travis makes a complete and speedy recovery.

Incidentally, I also found a video starring a very young Alan Jackson on You Can Be A Star. He looks different today, but that voice is still the same.