I will be San Antonio bound next week…

We’re going to spend the entire week in San Antonio, visiting my mother-in-law, searching for a house, and celebrating my husband’s birthday and the Fourth of July. That means you won’t be hearing from me next week, because it’s too hard to blog on an iPad. I can’t believe it’s time for yet another move and hope this will be the last time for awhile.

Despite being tired of the moving process, I do look forward to relocating to San Antonio at the end of next month. I think Texas is kind of exciting, even if it is hotter than four hells in the summer. I’ll miss North Carolina and I hate house hunting, but a fresh start somewhere else always means new experiences and perhaps even some new music. San Antonio is a festive city, military friendly, and the subject of some great songs!

Patsy Cline “San Antonio Rose”

Lots of people have sung “San Antonio Rose”, but I’m partial to Patsy Cline’s 1961 version because I am a fellow Virginian. As I listen to this song this morning, I am struck by Patsy Cline’s amazingly clear vocals. Her voice was like a bell. This song is probably the first one a lot of people think about when they think of songs about San Antonio. It was written by Bob Wills.

Tanya Tucker “San Antonio Stroll”

Here’s Tanya Tucker singing “San Antonio Stroll”, a song that was written by Peter Noah and recorded by Tucker in 1975. I wonder what Tanya Tucker is up to these days… Haven’t heard from her in awhile. This video is pretty much the way I remember her. Her voice is definitely distinctive, with its raspy quality. I also seem to remember her hot affair with Glen Campbell, who incidentally, is a distant relative of my husband’s. Six degrees of separation, I tell ya!

Charley Pride “Is Anybody Goin’ to San Antone?”

Charley Pride is notable for many things. He’s one of the few black Americans who had great success singing country music and only the second to be inducted in the Grand Ol’ Opry. I will admit I’m not that familiar with his music. I remember hearing this particular song in ads for a compilation album he was selling in the 1980s. As I listen to this classic song, I’m thinking it might be time to listen to more of Charley Pride’s music. Back in 1994, I purchased a compilation album called Rhythm, Country, and Blues. After listening to that compilation, which married country singers with R&B singers on duets, I realize that country music has a lot in common with rhythm & blues, a genre where black singers are much more common.

Lyle Lovett “San Antonio Girl”

I loooooove me some Lyle Lovett. I also love me some Willie Nelson and Ray Price. I love this song, “San Antonio Girl”, too. One of my favorite concert experiences was in Stuttgart, Germany, when I saw Lyle Lovett perform. We had seats within spitting distance of the stage and he put on a fabulous show. The fact that he made a great song about my new city is gravy!

Christopher Cross “Sailing”

Huh? “Sailing” doesn’t mention San Antonio in the title! But it is sung by Christopher Cross, a singer-songwriter who has San Antonio roots. Since I am a child of the 80s, I am very familiar with Christopher Cross’s music and remember him when his career was red hot.

Holly Dunn “Daddy’s Hands”

Holly Dunn is another San Antonio singer who hit it big in the 80s. “Daddy’s Hands” is the song I always think of when I think of Holly Dunn. If you have anything to do with the US military, you’ve no doubt heard this song many times.

Today’s post is mostly about country singers, but I am sure I will no doubt be exposed to some Mexican music as well. And Austin is not too far away, either. I look forward to the new digs and the new sounds of San Antonio! Have a great weekend, everybody. See y’all after next week!