Ne-Yo’s a talented dude. His pen game is sharp, his voice is pleasant if not powerhouse, and he’s reverent enough to guys like Michael and Prince without going overboard. He’s also got a personality and a sense of humor, something most of his contemporaries haven’t been able to muster. Witness this interview in which he’s asked several questions, including whether Beyonce or Rihanna is hotter (he’s written huge hits for both artists).

He says that he sees Rihanna as a little sister, and calls her “Bighead” because she has a high forehead.

Cute, yeah. But, damn. Bruh, have you seen your own head lately???

Time to bring the mugshot out again…

Grammy Winner Ne-Yo

It’s also funny that after sheepishly announcing Beyonce the hotter of the two, he apologizes profusely to Jay-Z. Man, Jay’s not president of your label anymore. You don’t have to worry about him pushing your album back.