Since Money Mike’s earlier post about the mustachioed one, John Oates, made me laugh, I decided to continue with the theme.

I was listening to sports radio one evening and the host was playing Hall & Oates. Soon enough, I noticed it was their heartbreak classic, She’s Gone. The host was talking about how this song was the greatest song in its class and how it hit him in the pit of his stomach every time he heard it. And then he started singing. And he ruined it.

I decided to see if there was a video for the song and as it turns out, there is. But it’s the kind of video that makes the song feel a bit creepy. You see both guys staring in a stalker like gaze and I can’t seem to think that they are thinking uncomfortable thoughts. Well, see for yourself.

– I can’t decide who is more pimp between Hall or Oates. One is naked under a bathrobe and the other is wearing a tuxedo shirt with the sleeves cut off showing off his arms. I’ll call that even.

– Not only is Oates the stache man, but he has a gnarly beard too.

– Ha! The devil just walked by.

– What is Hall wearing on his feet? Striped socks? Sandals with socks on? High heels?

– They couldn’t even use real money. The must’ve landed on Park Place with hotels.

– I’m not even sure what playing guitar without linking the cuffs means.

Ok, so this might be one of the worst videos ever, but hey, it was probably recorded sometime in the mid 70s. Maybe, since the song gets you right in the pit of your stomach, the video had to be the pits?