I guess I had to do this one right?

Since tonight is Halloween, I figured I’d post Thriller as the Throwback. What better video to post tonight, than the evil of the Thriller? Ahahahahahahahahahahahahah!

– Just remember, Mike doesn’t believe in the occult.

– Mike looks like a linebacker with that jacket.

– You think Mike and Ola Ray ever knocked boots?

– Vincent Price’s voice still creeps me out.

– Every time that dude comes out of the sewer, I think it’s going to be a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle.

– When Mike turns crazy on her, I still don’t think Ola Ray is scared enough.

– I’ve seen someone in the NFL try Mike’s zombie dance in the end zone.

– Why is Mike wearing all red and Ola Ray wearing all blue?

– You know, Mike as the zombie doesn’t look much different than Mike today.

– Break dancing dead people, who’d of thunk it?

What more can I say? It’s the single most famous music video of all time. And Mike will never wear pants that tight again.

Happy trick or treating!