A few weeks ago, I introduced you to a Canadian trio called Nightwood. These Canucks (two chicks and a dude) bring back the glory days of Nineties female-fronted alternative rock. A little Breeders, a little Hole, a little Sleater-Kinney with some Liz Phair (pre-sellout) thrown in. Very good stuff.

Well, they’ve just shot and released a brand new video for the song “The Bikeriders”, and it’s quite the titillating clip-it would be perfect for “120 Minutes”-if “120 Minutes” still existed and MTV actually played videos nowadays. Shot in arty black and white, the video features shots of the trio rocking out (watch out for Eric, the drummer’s unruly hair) amid (ooohhhhh) chicks making out and (ahhhhh) gratuitous ass shots.

The Bikeriders – NIGHTWOOD from Nightwood on Vimeo.

And you can check out Nightwood’s website here.