Sheryl Crow Sings To A Senator

Sheryl Crow live photo - 2008

Sheryl Crow (pictured here in concert this summer) continued lending star power to causes when she serenaded Senator Barack Obama with Strong Enough.    Crow previously had run afoul of Republican henchman Karl Rove and has spents campaigning for the Democratic candidate while using her summer concert tour to bash Bush supporters.    We appreciate the cancer survivor’s emotions, but wonder if that particular tune is just a little skeevy.

BNL Singer Crash Lands Plane Like A Stunt Man!

Meanwhile the BNL Train may have left the station early.  Lead singer Ed Robertson and three other people survived a small plane crash according to CNN.   Robertson reportedly was piloting the plane in Ontario with his wife and another couple when Robertson (the tall, dark haired one) put his Cessna down without anyone getting a scratch.  Fellow Barenaked Ladies singer Steven Page (the blonde, pudgy one) is currently on bail awaiting trial for an arrest for cocaine possession earlier this summer.    Page’s issue is one for the courts, but landing that plane sounds scary-amazing.

American Idol Adds Talent To Judge’s Talent, America Looks For New Catchphrase

Industry bible Variety may have tried the hardest to draw a line between American Idol adding songwriter and music company exec Kara DioGuardi to its panel and the departure of executive producer Nigel Lythgoe, but even the venerable entertainment site couldn’t pull off the connection.   There are still no details about the AI move, but we know our Movie/TV Help Web partner Ailsa is going to have to update her cast list to make room for Kara. What will a coherent female judge mean for everyone’s favorite karaoke show?  My own internal poll shows indifference.  George is excited whenever anyone behind the scenes makes it big, but GG  thinks having someone else around will kill the Ryno-Simon banter.   Last year was a chore to watch for me, so I don’t know if I care.


Either Way Things Work Out, JoJo Had A Bad Night

Did anyone see Jo-Jo (our bud from ’90s group Jodeci and K-Ci make the YouTube rounds?  JoJo hits the ground, K-Ci says it was a “seizure” and nearly one thousand YouTube commenters say JoJo may not need anti-seizure medicine just yet.

K-Ci says it was a “seizure”…most sane folks think it was…um, something else.

Biggie Still Dead, Still Making Money For Other People

Faith Evans’ biggest claim to fame is most likely being Biggie’s lady, but props to Njai Joszor over at Singers Room for a great review of Evans’ tell-all book.  Seems Biggie and Lil (Kim, not Wayne) stories were true, if you believe in Faith.